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ETHICAL ..... It's a funny little word, isn't it?

Often overused, not always understood. We take it to mean honest, decent, principled, fair, and conscientious. Sadly, not always words associated with the recruitment industry…. Or other sales businesses, come to think of it.

Here at 110% we have decades (we’re ladies, so we’d rather not divulge exactly how many!) of experience between us. We’ve witnessed great places to work, and we have seen the not so good……and pretty much everything in between.

‘honest’ and ‘principledThat’s really an opinion of which is best left to personal experience to decide.

So, we had a choice. We could carry on as usual, chasing ever-growing targets while schools struggled, or … we could do something different. Something better. Something ethical.

We chose ETHICAL.

We believe passionately that there is a much better way of doing things.

We believe in helping schools to get the best support and staff available.

We believe in supporting people to find their ideal job with fair pay.

We believe in low, transparent fees.

We believe in evening Zoom catch ups with a glass of wine (well we are “normal” people too….).

We believe in training people to become the best they can be.

We believe in our workforce - full stop.

As newbies we have a long way to go. So we are reaching out, engaging with new people across the country, looking for the best way to achieve our dreams and provide the ethical approach we know schools deserve.

We wake up and are excited about the day ahead, that’s a fantastic place to start. Getting that positive feeling as you come off the phone to yet another client who wants to join forces. Being recommended to more people who love our ethos and want to be a part of it.

Really making a difference.

We’re not content with just this, though. We want to go further. Help more people. Support people back into work. To offer qualifications and training. To provide time and cost saving recruitment solutions. and we will always ……


And always give everything 110%!

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