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Recruiting in a virtual world

It is no doubt that it is an unprecedented and challenging time for organisations. Many have dramatically shifted the way they work, with many organisations now having an entirely remote workforce. In response to the current environment, we wanted to launch a recruitment business , geared , not just to cope with Covid, but to provide long term cost effective and time saving recruitment processes bringing the industry into the 21st century .

So what does this mean ? Forward thinking organisations are adopting video interview practices to continue to fill roles and not let recruitment group to a halt. Sure, with furloughs the norm across our industry, smart recruiters are still keeping on top of hiring activities and the brightest companies have adopted Skype, Zoom and team meetings to stay onto of their game without delaying a formal introduction.

Here at 110% people we use video profiles as standard , To help prepare you for a seamless return , we aim to notify you of hot new talents video via our talent train system straight into your inbox as and when they register . This will enable you to engage with candidates hot off the press in an ever-changing virtual world. Simply sign up to receive the notifications and start seeing new potential hires in thier own words

Further more 110% People can also conduct email campaigns spotlighting your organisation . This can strengthen your position in your sector and communicate with potential talent to keep them engaged and aware. Similarly, we use email campaigns to continue to bolster your employer branding. This as an opportunity to promote your company culture, showcase available opportunities, and highlight the benefits of working at your organisation.

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